Hi, my name is Sam!

I’m a 23 year old Food and Nutrition graduate. I’m obsessed with any nutrition and  fitness related topics. Specifically the keto/low-carb lifestyle and its benefits. I read way too many studies. I’ve competed in bodybuilding in the past, I now weight-train recreationally. I previously worked in a French bakery and patisserie for 3 years before starting a career in the supplement industry and now here I am..

I started Kick Kookies in the hopes that I could share  my passion for low-carb baking. I was tired of eating  dry, taste-less protein bars and crumbly almond flour cookies that barely held themselves together..I figured, there has to be a way to make these things taste better! Thus, came my idea to start a food blog, www.mouthwateringmotivation.com (almost called it “proteinqueen” thank goodness we decided to ditch that one, haha). Anyways, I’ve had that blog for over 6 years now. It started out as a fun way to share my food but as the years passed and my recipes gained popularity, it became more than I could have ever imagined. MouthwateringMotivation is now an extremely popular high traffic website serving over 450000 unique visitors a month with over 10000 of them being regular subscribers. The feedback I received through that site was AMAZING. My dessert and keto meal recipes rose to the top of Pinterest with each having over 10k pins and some over 50k. The website is now a full-time job of mine. But even with all the success of my site..I still felt like something was missing.

It was then that I decided to pursue my ultimate passion of not only sharing my recipes, but sharing my baked goods with the world. One of the greatest feelings is having people truly enjoy and appreciate the desserts I create. There’s nothing quite like it.

These cookies are one of my all-time absolute favourite recipes. The recipe has been tweaked over 20 times to result in a cookie that is the closest to the “real thing” as possible while remaining under 1.5 NET carbs per serving. These cookies I hope become the start of something great as I branch out into other keto desserts and products. But for now I hope you and your family love these cookies as much as we have and your keto or low-carb diet is made just a little bit easier..because of course, everyone deserves a delicious cookie every now and then.